Learn all about the exciting RocketTheme exclusive modules that are included in the Iridium theme release. Here you can find instructions for installation and configuration for each of the custom modules.

What Modules accompany the Iridium release?

  • dRokStories Module
    dRokStories is a great module to display your articles and accompanying images as a featured item. The module itself is facilitated by Mootools to transition between images and articles seamlessly. Perfect for showcasing featured articles on your site, as seen on the frontpage.
  • dRokTabs Module
    Tabbed content module, perfect for maximising content exposure without sacrificing on site real estate. Built-in mootools effects.
  • dRokLatestNews Module
    The module is an article previewer. It displays content articles from a given category and displays them on the homepage in a summerized way
  • dRokSideMenu Module
    dRokSideMenu is a module that allows you to display the entire primary navigation in a block region, usually the left or right block region. This module allows customization of the menu separate from the standard primary-links menu.
  • dRokBlockClass Module
    The dRokBlockClass allows you to predefine block styling for use when creating block content. Once defined, each block class suffix is selectable from the block class admin.